Service Delivery


Whether to showcase a recent project, or revamp your marketing presence, quality photography is a long-term investment in more than just pretty photos. Every image is an opportunity to tell your story while curating a visual impression of who you are, what you can do, and where you’re positioned in the market.

  • What features embody your accomplishments?
  • What attributes demonstrate your capabilities?
  • What qualities signify your brand?

Such insights help our collaborations accentuate important story elements through creative lighting and deliberate composition to reveal subtleties like textures and material finishes, relationships, and mood.

Together, we produce visual depth and nuance that connect your work with viewers as a relatable experience, not just a product or service.

Unique Service Level Through Combined Insights

How We Get There

My goal is to deliver an enjoyable collaborative experience that’s mindful of details while focusing our energy on creating the art. Each phase helps us continuously manage expectations, minimize risk, and maximize value through open communication and shared understanding.

  1. Discovery – Discuss objectives, scope, and key story elements. Where feasible, scout the site with client to assess conditions, identify logistical needs, take test/reference images, and get an overall feel for the scenery as we develop our roadmap (e.g., shot list, “mood and feel” notes, composition/lighting notes, logistics, etc.). Scouting helps us preview the possibilities right from our start.
  2. Production – Conduct photo shoot using roadmap while allowing leeway for capturing the unexpected (sometimes these are the best images!). Client may actively participate to review compositions over tablet or laptop live view, and provide input for fine tuning—especially ideal for interior designers as we re-position furnishings/accessories to dial in each scene’s elements for the camera’s view.
  3. Post-Production – Perform editing/retouch of polished drafts with an eye toward being as complete as possible. Client reviews drafts for one round of finalizing feedback / adjustment requests.
  4. Delivery – Electronically deliver finalized images in optimal resolutions for client’s usage.
  5. Debrief – Strengthen ongoing partnership through continuous service improvement. Discuss what went well and what could be done better for future engagements.
Tethered Camera View

Even More Value: Cost Sharing

Projects are often the culmination of effort and resources from multiple teaming partners, some of whom may also wish to showcase the end result for their own portfolio/marketing/branding. Interested parties might include partnering architects, interior designers/stagers, specialty subcontractors, developers, structural engineers, property owners or tenants, product and material suppliers, etc.

Cost Sharing enables you to split the photography cost with your teaming partners, thus, decreasing the investment without sacrificing level of service and quality. Put another way, this arrangement makes high quality professional images more budget-friendly and accessible than if any party were to go it alone…a win for everyone!