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Scandinavian Inspired Living Room - Distilled Detail With Editorial Flare, Residential Interior Design & Architecture, Commercial Photography by Atlanta Architectural Photographer Daniel Green

Scandinavian Inspired Living Room - Distilled Detail With Editorial Flare, Residential Interior Design & Architecture, Commercial Photography by Atlanta Architectural Photographer Daniel Green

Secondary Bedroom at the Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine 2023 Holiday Designer Showhouse, Editorial Style Covering Luxury Residential Interior Design & Architecture, Commercial Photography by Atlanta Photographer Daniel Green

What's your process?

Collaboration with a dash of sensible planning helps mitigate risk and prevents avoidable shoot day stress. This frees us to focus on the creativity we enjoy most.


Explore your brand and key project story points that echo your brand’s values. Brainstorm main compositions that would capture storytelling elements & intended layouts.

Scout project site together in advance to test and refine our composition ideas and bolster planning to avoid shoot day surprises (e.g., take test shots, fine-tune shot list, identify site prep items, resolve site logistics, etc.).


This is where the collaboration rubber meets the road. We’ll review each composition on a tethered iPad / laptop screen and watch the results take shape as we exchange creative ideas to dial in scene elements. It’s an exciting preview of the final product that gives you an opportunity to make final design selections & styling decisions for what appears in the images (e.g., furnishings, accessories, their arrangement, etc.).


Perform edit, retouch, and color correction to deliver polished drafts. You review the drafts and provide one round of finalizing feedback / requests.


Deliver finalized images in file formats & resolutions per usage needs.


Foster ongoing creative partnership through continuous improvement. Discuss what went well & how we might improve our future engagements.

How many images do you produce in a day?

Yield from an 8- to 10-hour day depends on the type of project and other estimation factors we sort through in Discovery + Planning. It can range anywhere from 5 to 20, the most influential factors being scale and level of styling.

For example, Residential Design Projects usually cover a mix of broad views and tighter vignettes. With all furniture & accessories in place and only minimal styling for the camera’s view, 15-20 is a good estimate. However, a heavily styled shoot swapping furniture & accessories for multiple looks may only produce 8-10.

Commercial Projects usually involve much larger spaces and more styling elements to arrange. Moving to each space and setting up each shot takes added time due to longer distances to traverse. These shoots typically produce up to 12 images in a day.

Note that for all projects, delivery includes variant image crops as tighter vignettes or detail views for special subject focus and layouts. Advantages here are twofold:  it can allow us to cover more spaces & angles without dedicating time toward certain vignette/detail views that were already captured in wider shots, and it effectively multiplies the number of final compositions for a bit of variety across your portfolio, social media, or other marketing channels.

Why so much time on site?

Our collaborations focus on quality over quantity. Attention to detail takes time and is key to producing the outstanding results you expect for your self-promotion needs.

Styling furniture & accessories for the camera’s view often sets our pace and is integral to the refinement we’re after—even in the most impeccably furnished spaces.

The sun’s changing position may also factor, especially for exteriors. Similarly, for interiors where natural light is a key story element, we’re beholden to specific times of day to capture it at its most flattering, as well.

Do I need to be at the shoot?

You’ve dedicated countless weeks, months, even years of hard work…let’s make your project shine together.

I encourage participation because you are core to our collaboration. It’s also an exciting part of our journey as an early preview and opportunity for you to hone the product as truly your own. Working together on the shoot ensures there are no surprises at delivery, just beautiful results you can proudly share.

What's your turnaround time?

Processed drafts are typically ready for review within 1-2 weeks after our last shoot day. Finalized images are typically ready within a week of receiving your feedback. However, that may vary depending on the complexity of any requested editing.

If you have a tighter deadline, let’s discuss and I’ll work to meet your needs. Super short turnarounds are subject to an additional rush fee on case-by-case basis.

Are you insured?

Yes. Certificate of Insurance is provided upon request as added assurance to both you and your clients.

Can I split my shoot with another party (or more)?

Absolutely! I offer what’s called a Cost Share, and encourage taking advantage of it where possible.

Projects are usually the product of multiple parties who’d love to showcase the end results for their own portfolio / marketing / branding. Interested parties you might consider include partnering architects, interior designers/stagers, specialty subcontractors, developers, structural engineers, property owners or tenants, product and material suppliers, etc.

Cost Sharing is a fantastic way to decrease your investment cost without sacrificing quality and level of service. It also makes high end professional images more budget-friendly and accessible than if any single party were to go it on their own…a win for everyone!

And finally, Cost Sharing expands your reach as participants all share the same consistently high quality images through their multiple marketing channels.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

I tend toward a natural & serene look that invites viewers to experience the calmness for themselves. A hint of people “interact with this space” adds life & relatability. Lighting & compositional touches enhance textures, warmth, and other sensory cues to draw the eye & imagination into the scene.

What gear do you use?

Choosing the right tools helps me deliver practicality and added benefits beyond polished images.

Fujifilm GFX medium format digital supports my distinctive style with unique tonality, color depth, and character. With its super high 102-megapixel resolution, it preserves exquisite detail even in tight crops. This allows for multiple print-ready image options from each composition, perfect for creating variant layouts in magazines, book covers, exhibit posters, wraps, and more.

Artificial lighting helps fix color, accentuate details, and brings that “snap”. Available light is sometimes gorgeous, but for all other times a kiss of flash gives us the creative control we need to craft the vibe we want.

And finally, my kit includes spares and backups of all essential gear. Mishaps or technical glitches can occur with even the best of tools, but that won’t be a reason to stress or change our shoot plan…the show will go on!