Project Spotlight: Lake House Renovation

Photographed for Phillips | Collins Construction Group & Harrison Design

Award Winning Submission & Recognition

Phillips | Collins Construction Group knew this project was special, and sought crafted images to help share its compelling story through their portfolio and for awards entry. Their partnering architecture firm Harrison Design also wanted high quality images to document their contributions for future self promotion. It was an ideal scenario for Cost Sharing, enabling both firms to fulfill their photography needs at a substantial discount.

Our collaboration explored the renovation & build’s important story points, including how they overcame design & construction challenges, the standout features they are most proud of, and the beautiful whimsy throughout. 

Such details strengthened our compositions with important storytelling elements, and aided planning a very packed shoot day. Knowing where to shoot and at what time was key, as the migrating sunlight filled certain spaces at specific parts of the day with a look that artificial light could not readily achieve. The natural effect produced a bright & airy feel that emphasized the aesthetics and practicalities of the updated architecture & design.

The resulting images illustrated the story as Phillips | Collins envisioned, and the project came away with two First Place trophies at the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) Atlanta Regional 2022 Contractor of the Year (CotY) Awards. This project went onward to earn the team a 2023 NARI National Contractor of the Year award at the nation-wide level…a well-deserved triple win for their firm, and for their brand.