Modern Contemporary Residence

Interior Design: BoldForm Designs | Architect: Dencity LLC | Builder: Principle Builders Group


Tanvi Tailor of BoldForm Designs reached out for help in showcasing her interior design finishes in this bespoke modern luxury home in Johns Creek, just north of Atlanta. Despite having images by other photographers, she wanted a more refined set of images that better convey the project’s context, quality, and scale.

We began by discussing the scope of her work within this build, then explored the project’s qualities she felt best represents her style, her proudest design elements, and the backstory behind those selections. Her insights guided our pre-shoot scout to refine the shot list while I applied my insights into composition, lighting, and styling to build out our shoot day playbook.

Our collaborative insights enabled the resulting images to showcase the right details that best conveyed the story and experience of bold contrasts, curated textures, and rich materials as she had envisioned for these spaces.